10 Funny Christmas Shirts To Wear During the Holidays

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I could have sworn I heard someone talk about Christmas costumes yesterday, but why? Oh! This is October and it’s almost Christmas again. Christmas holidays are the longest, but they always seem so short when the curtain closes in the new year. Well, one thing is certain. While it lasts, everybody wants to enjoy it. So, stop wishing Christmas would last forever, and stay tuned for ten funny Christmas shirts you can slip into in the awesome Christmas season. We are passionate about Christmas too, you know?

10. “Christmas is Coming”

christmas is coming

The emphatic Game of Thrones show is so good that it has become a standard to measure the social life of your peers by. Jon Snow was passionate about winter coming, stun your buddies and strangers with this hilarious T shirt.

9. “Your Lack of Christmas Spirit”

the force of christmas

You know those buddies that refuse to admit Christmas is awesome? Get in their face with this T shirt and maybe drag the fun out of them.

8. “Gangsta Wrapper”

gangster wrapper


Being a gangster wrapper is too mainstream these days, especially in the Christmas season. Be a gangsta wrapper in this funny Christmas shirt. Go ahead, show your family and friends how unforgiving you are when you conceal presents in wrappers.

7. “It's The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer”

time for a beer

Now, I know Santa wants us to be good and all, but come on, beers during the Christmas season are awesome. Slip into this tee and send a message to your drinking mate.

6. “Here’s A Present, Forget The Past”

heres a present

This witty phrase is surely going to draw smiles from family and friends not really feeling the Christmas. A funny Christmas shirt to suit the soul.

 5. “Well Hung”

well hung

While strictly a men's tee, it is a double entendre that will be sure to incite a sensible chuckle from members of the opposite sex.

4. “We Gon' Party Like It's My Birthday”

party jesus

Why do we have to work more times than celebrate Jesus’ birthday? It’s hard to take. This funny Christmas shirt is revolutionary to that topic, maybe one day we will get our wish.

3. “Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal”


The Home Alone movie still counts as one of the best Christmas holiday movies ever. Everyone is going to relate with this funny throwback phrase. You may throw in a dab after someone reads it off your chest.

 2. “I Put Out For Santa”

You say you love Santa, but can you prove it? Will you put out for Santa? Whoa! Take a chill pill there, are you going to put out some milk and cookies for the red guy? Stun everyone you come across in the funny Christmas shirt.

1. “I Do It For the Ho's”

for the hos

Ask your buddies and guests what Santa really means by ho because he’s saying it too many times.